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< Design >

Formulated specifically for the design world, catering to the automotive, furniture, architecture, marine and luxury sectors with a series of products that elevate Sokema to the top of its class for the uniqueness of its effects, performance and freedom to customize. The Riloplast Wrinkle-effect coating is the very epitome of design applied to paints and coatings.

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< Heating >

The technology, which confirms Sokema as one of the market's leaders, delivers high-performance silicone coatings (up to 800°C) that have become trusted products in business sectors such as: household heating (stoves, fires, flue accessories), specialist automotive (exhaust systems, engines, brake calipers), industry (petrochemical, iron and steel, engineering, scientific research).

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< Industrial >

Sokema's industrial coatings cater to the demand for the most advanced performance from the car, motorcycle, chemical and engineering industries. Their wide-ranging properties mean they also find application in construction and agriculture. Coatings for metal, plastic, glass, marble and cementitious structures.

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< Marine >

The Marine line has been developed specifically for the high-end boat and ship building industry, offering one-of-a-kind products that are used successfully by the world's leading shipyards. The range includes coatings for fuel and drinking water tanks, the inside of bilges and hulls. These are non-toxic, fire-retardant, non-flammable IMO (International Maritime Organization) certified coating systems identified by a MED number.

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< Racing >

Sokema's Racing line: all the experience and technology inherited from industry, applied to the racing world. Bodywork and underbody protection, high temperature protection, tank lining, anti-slip coating for pedals and foot wells. These are hi-tech products for cars, motorcycles and more besides.

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< Specialties >

Sokema's specialty coatings are developed for niche sectors and highly specialized operators. Given their level of technical content, rarity, production methods, quantity, and sometimes price, these products are not widely used. The Specialties line encompasses technologies of various chemical nature intended for an array of very different uses: military, flooring, renewable energy, special effects.

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Our new coating configurator is now online. This is a powerful innovative engine you can use to find out which product lines best meet your various requirements. With its simple, intuitive interface, it'll help you find the product that best fits the bill.


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In compliance with safety regulations, we export Sokema coatings to European countries where said regulations are already in effect. For countries outside Europe, it will be the importer's job to check that safety legislation requirements are met.


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:: Customize

Bespoke coatings and custom coating prototypes. No matter what the field of use, performance demands or application requirements, our R&D lab technicians can produce special coatings to order along with custom coating prototypes


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